the squeak is getting a lot louder but then it stops.
there's not really any reason to be like that.
too many words on a page and i start to get dizzy. i don't want to feel cozy.
i don't want to let myself. comfort makes me worry that later i'll feel discomfort.
the start is always the worst part. i don't like beginnings.

am i going to say it?

someone told me they climb the tree in my yard to pick flowers.
two years ago the flowers were pink but now they're white.
don't be like that.

a perfect oval (almost).

bite off all you can.
i'm ready to go crawl around on some rocks.
why did you have to embarrass me like that?
are you jealous of how i got to figure out?
she said if i saw it i would be able to know where it happened.
there weren't enough free days in january.
i feel like a human again but now thats not enough.
i want to be more than that to make up for all this lost time.
never do that again.
we agreed the ending was ruined but it wasn't her fault.
it's really all about interpretation and context, isn't it?

11:45, no earlier.

thanks for the pictures.
we're going to the monument.
we both are hoping we don't come back.